My artistic practice is rooted in sculptural tendencies. The material focussed practice incorporates acquired materials, including domestic and industrial ephemera, analogue and low resolution imagery and borrowed words - selected using an internal logic at play in the work. The main concern of the practice is to explore the essential understanding of human experience through studies of daily lived events and activities.

My means of praxis is through a careful arrangement of object based assemblages set in space marking a moment in the life of the practice; with an attempt to grasp the indeterminate moments of lived experience. A refined aesthetic, sometimes appearing as unfinished, uncovers questions about the speculative power of non-utility.

Muted colours, sanded surfaces and flattened shapes form modest and humourous spatial arrangements. The employment of delicate sculptures in space; create dialogues with the site they are displayed in. The presented work poses questions to the viewer about the capabilities of the 'object'.







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