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Office of Interludes, Dec 2022

- A collaborative hybrid reader using the speculative setting of an office as an entry point to a body of new research.

- Second iteration of the collaborative project Office of Interludes

- Made in collaboration with Emma Battlebury Irene Mansoldo and Finn Melvin Caird of HOAX Press.

Scanned imagery / Written text / Printed material. Pocket slides.

A3/ A4 / A5 /  21cm x 21.5cm /  19cm x 26cm
17cm x 23cm / 13.5cm x 19cm. 

Images courtesy of the artist.

a mobile of origins with two branches of perpetual motion, Aug 2022.

- Object based assemblage exploring themes of feminist utopics.

- Featured in two person exhibition Illusive Utopias, GENERATOR Projects, 
Dundee, UK.

Assembled forms / Slide Projection.
35mm glass mounted slides / Dimensions variable. 

Images courtesy of Ben Douglas & Chris Scott.

Cathy Wilkes, Feb 2022.

- A drawing of Cathy Wilkes Selective Memory, 2019.

- Featured in The Paper, Good Press, Glasgow, UK.

Written text on paper. A4.


Image courtesy of the artist.

Office of Interludes, Oct 2021.

- Speculative office project with Emma Battlebury.

- Featured in group exhibition 
The Office of Mysterious Charm,
Six Seville Place, Dublin, IRL. 

Assembled forms / Collage / Written text / Lenticular memento. Dimensions variable.

Images courtesy of Ellie Perry.

hands, Jul 2021.

- Moving image work.

- Published in experimental writing publication Strukturris, Cork, IRL.

Written text / Collage work / GIF. 1min.

Images courtesy of the artist.