coffee stained carnations, Feb 2024.

- Assembled text collage

- Featured in online publication pdf.mag

Mixed media. 

210cm x 297cm.

Images courtesy of the artist



and the more recent ones, Aug 2023.

- Image based installation.

- Featured in group exhibition Zwischenraume, Kunstverein Gera e.V, Germany. 

Mixed media / Digital print on perforated vinyl / Slide Projection.

35mm glass mounted slides / 244cm x 91.5cm. 3min. 

Images courtesy of Jannis Suffrecht.

Cathy Wilkes, Feb 2022.

- A drawing of Cathy Wilkes, Selective Memory, 2019.

- Featured in The Paper, Good Press, Glasgow, UK.

Written text on paper. A4.


Image courtesy of the artist.

hands, Jul 2021.

- Moving image work.

- Published in experimental writing publication Strukturris, Cork, IRL.

Written text / Collage work / GIF. 1min.

Images courtesy of the artist.

red lemonade, red flannel, Jun 2019.

- Assembled forms.

A3 collage.

Images courtesy of the artist.